Строительное и промышленное оборудование


Increase the service life of your equipment! Equipment maintenance is part of our core specialization. If pumps and compressors are vital to your business and you are looking for a reliable maintenance partner with certain qualities and experience, then we are the right person for you.

Find out what condition your equipment is in. With the help of a special monitoring system, we will carry out diagnostics and technical analysis of your equipment. Taking into account key performance indicators, you will get a clear idea of the technical condition and energy efficiency of your equipment. As well as recommendations for its repair and further operation.

You can order the design of any engineering system. We'll pick up the equipment and do all the calculations. If you already have a finished project, our company can analyze the project and check the technical compliance of the equipment proposed in the project.

The UNITEC company has an independent division providing servants for installation and commissioning of various technological equipment. Also in our company you can order technical supervision and control of installation works.  If you need to perform installation work or you just want to be sure that the contractor is doing everything correctly, you need to contact us.