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Corporate values

Corporate values

Unitec's success is based on the implementation of its core principles — Unitec's value system. These five fundamental principles define the worldview and values of our company. Each member of the team, regardless of their status, adheres to these principles in their work and in relations with other colleagues.

- Partnership with customers - we exceed the expectations of our customers, offering innovative and competitive solutions to find opportunities to determine the facts in order to make the right decision, reach agreement and achieve the goals.

- Improvement - continuous improvement. Because we know that nothing is perfect in this world, there is always room for improvement.

- Creativity - creating a long-term vision and problem solving by applying a creative approach.

- Team spirit - Unitec encourages personal and professional growth, uses collective opportunities for development and attaches great importance to individual and collective action.

- Respect - Unitec respects others, does everything to understand everyone, takes responsibility and strives to create mutual trust.