Строительное и промышленное оборудование



Find out what condition your equipment is in. With the help of a special monitoring system, we will carry out diagnostics and technical analysis of your equipment. Taking into account key performance indicators, you will get a clear idea of the technical condition and energy efficiency of your equipment. As well as recommendations for its repair and further operation.

UNITEC diagnostic service allows you to monitor the workflow and performance of specific equipment in your plant. The combination of the data obtained in this way with the experience of UNITEC technicians allows you to optimize your maintenance activities and related costs.

We can assist you in developing a reliability-oriented maintenance program. This will help you determine the optimal service levels for your equipment or installation. UNITEC specialists clearly visualize the health check of each machine. It uses data Analytics and simulation models to create a digital map of your installation, allowing you to identify deviations from requirements and take action when required. Thus, the ability to limit intervention minimizes maintenance costs and minimizes downtime to the maximum extent, while ensuring continuous uninterrupted operation of the installation.

For the convenience of the client, our specialists are ready to conduct Express diagnostics of equipment directly at the production site without stopping.