Строительное и промышленное оборудование



Improve your efficiency with our help

We are your business partner offering fast and reliable service solutions. If pumps and rotating equipment are vital to your business, you are looking for a maintenance subcontractor with certain qualities:

·         subcontractor, trustworthy;

·         reliability;

·         efficiency;

·         quick return of equipment;

·         innovative solution.

Our service specialists possess these and many other qualities and are ready to work with customers from all sectors throughout Russia. By providing a wide range of services — from spare parts to Troubleshooting — we can support your rotating equipment and help you optimize your processes. Reliability depends on the durability of spare parts and the quality of repair of damaged or worn equipment. You can rely on our knowledge and desire to give you what you need, and do their job efficiently from the first time.

Predict your operating costs while optimizing the maintenance costs of pumping equipment without compromising the performance of your plant. We are qualified to develop an individual maintenance concept for you based on your needs.

Thanks to mobility and a wide service network, high-quality UNITEC services are available everywhere. To meet the needs of our customers, our regional offices are equipped with a full set of necessary equipment, and well-trained staff is able to assist with maintenance at the facility at any time of the day.

As a leading independent installation and repair company, UNITEC can offer reliable, efficient and practical solutions for complex problems with rotating equipment of any brand. UNITEC has the following advantages.

·         Utility: We provide greater value for money in relation to budget maintenance costs, maximizing opportunities for repair and minimizing the cost of replacement parts.

·         Time: We just work faster and provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

·         Technology: Our work is always based on a solid technological Foundation. All maintenance decisions are based on technical soundness and reliability.

·         Innovation: we are a leader in the development and application of new repair technologies and solutions that not only meet the needs of our customers, but also exceed them.

·         Partnership with customers: our relationships with customers are built on the basis of stability and reliability, taking into account our responsibility to them.

Our customers benefit from:

·         High reliability and reduced operating costs;

·         Practical and innovative experience on an extensive technological base

·         Priority of repair over replacement: extension of service life and modernization.

·         Superior turnaround speed: flexibility of production process.

·         Transparency and partnerships

Maintenance includes a complex of works on care of the pump equipment, carrying out inspections, systematic supervision of their serviceable condition, observance of rules of operation and instructions of manufacturer, elimination of small malfunctions, control and implementation of necessary measures for economical expenditure of all types of energy resources. Maintenance is performed by a representative of the company or by the personnel of the nearest service center during the operation of pumping equipment at the enterprise.