About Unitec

UNITEC is a trading and engineering company.  UNITEC offers innovative solutions to engineering problems related to the treatment and transportation of various liquids and industrial air. The company represents the known and trusted brands under which delivers the professional equipment for the organization of technological processes at the enterprises of various industries and housing and communal services. The company provides services for the selection, supply and further maintenance of industrial equipment.


Diagnostics, maintenance and optimization of equipment are part of our core specialization. UNITEC carries out diagnostics and technical analysis of technological equipment in order to assess the current state, identify inefficient use of equipment and excessive energy consumption, followed by the development of recommendations for repair, reduce the overall cost of operation of the equipment and improve the efficiency of the equipment.  If pumps and compressors are vital to your business and you are looking for a reliable maintenance partner with certain qualities and experience, then we are the right person for you.


UNITEC offers a wide range of pumping equipment for pumping various liquids in different industries. The presented pumping equipment can work in the most difficult conditions and solve complex technical problems. UNITEC has chosen for you pumps of the best world brands recognized in their fields


Air is one of the most important elements in every enterprise. UNITEC offers equipment for the complete air production and treatment cycle. With the help of our products you will be able to cover any air needs in your company. Compressors, filters, dryers and related components from the most reliable manufacturers.

Our technology helps to process dirty water, which is of vital ecological importance. UNITEC is the market leader in dirty water treatment equipment, which is used in the most difficult conditions. We offer to get acquainted with our products for cleaning domestic waste water.

We value and care about our customers. UNITEC company offers a full range of services related to the maintenance of pumping and compressor equipment. If you need to carry out diagnostics and repair of equipment, installation and adjustment, or just make a design calculation, UNITEC will be able to help you.