Строительное и промышленное оборудование

Heavy-Duty Mineral/Slurry Pumps

 Heavy-Duty Mineral/Slurry Pumps


Delivery Head: м, max до 100
Capacity: М3, max до 16 200
Operating Temperature, t C от -20 °С до +120 °С

Product Description

 Heavy-Duty Mineral/Slurry Pumps  are designed and manufactured to be used under heavy conditions such as mining and mine processing plants to pump extremly abressive fluids.

According to the type of the pumped fluid they are assembled with; Single / double bladed, non clogging type impellers, Open impellers type with front wear plate, Vortex type impellers, Screw type impellers.

  • GSP MK type slurry pumps are designed without liner inside. Both volute and impeller are made of high chrome steel materials.
  • GSP MK L type slurry pumps are using liner inside which is supported by two half volutes. Liner and impeller is made of high chrome steel.
  • GSP MK R types slurry pumps are made of rubber impeller and liner.
  • GSP MK/L/R series mineral/slurry pumps are heavy duty operation pumps with their wide constructional and material options as mentioned above. Material and construction options give the pump high efficiency, long operational life and low cost maintanence features.
  • The constructional and hydraulic design options allow these pumps to cover a very wide range of application field. The modular contructional feature is the main gateway to reduce the spare parts type and lower the stock cost. Depending on the application, there are a very wide range of material combination options.
  • New generation MK series has double wear compansation system to keep the hydraulic performance constant by not disturbing pipe connections.